Hello, we are Mx. Desk.
We handle billing and booking for your coworking space, so you can tackle the rest.

What Is Mx. Desk?

Mx. Desk manages members and payments for coworking and shared office spaces. You set up customers' memberships, punch cards, or drop-in visits. They pay quickly and securely with a card. Mx. Desk does the numbers stuff so you can focus on other things.

Mx. Desk is just enough software, not too much, and it's run by a small team of coworking veterans. You don't have to learn new apps. You don't pick a "tier" or pay a subscription. Just book people, get paid, and worry less.

Also, it's pronounced mix-desk, and thanks for asking!

Here's some of our favorite features:

How much does it cost?

We only make money when you do. That means you have more cash to improve your space, and you only pay for services you actually use.

We believe our prices are transparent and fair. If you're just starting a coworking location with a few members, our rates will be perfect. If you're been in the trenches for a few years doing payments manually, our services will be more than worth it.

No monthly fees, no contract, no tiers.

On each charge you make, we take:

Mx. Desk fee:


Plus, your standard credit card processing fees are:

Stripe fee:


+ $0.30 per successful charge
Use this calculator to estimate your fees and revenue:

Your space's rates:




= $2500

Our fees:


= $62.50

Stripe fees:

× 2.9%

+ $0.30/charge

= $75.50

Your net revenue:



Can I Trust You?

We're not part of a bank, a large corporation, or backed by venture capital. We're a small team that owns a coworking space in Buffalo, NY. We run this service because we need it, and we think you'll love it.

All of your customers' credit cards are processed through Stripe, an established payment company that carries the most stringent security certifications in the industry.

You may have heard of us, too: Mx. Desk was previously known as Desktime, which has been helping coworking spaces out since 2010. Desktime is now helping out spaces in Chicago, LA, and more as Deskpass, and we've taken over helping spaces worry less about billing.

How can I get started?

We'd love to help your space out. Fill this out and we'll get going: